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  About The BIM Group

"The BIM Group strives to achieve the pinnacle of excellence through optimised business solutions utilising next generation technologies, enhancing our customer expectations and productivity."

About The BIM Group

Since its inception in 2008, The BIM Group has established itself as a leading services provider, facilitating the need for customised services. Our services range from Production drafting to Software Development & Customisation; however, we are not limited to these services alone & currently have the capacity to offer other Dedicated Resource Model dependent upon client requests.
bim-team We use a uniquely developed, dedicated resource model, which in turn enables our clients a truly transparent and optimised use of its resources.

The BIM Group can assist other clients by providing them with their own employees on the other side of the world. The clients will be responsible for hiring, training, mentoring, and supervising their own employees. The BIM Group will be your conduit throughout the whole process giving you, our clients, total access and control at all times.

All of the above can be done remotely from the Western client’s home office.

The BIM Group started with a team of 7 people. It has gone from strength to strength and now operates 24 hours a day from both Pune and Bangalore in India.
Our growth is driven by our ability to demonstrate Transparency, Quality & Teamwork, through our model and willingness to share all our costing, training processes & commitments with our clients.
Our productivity is treated with the utmost importance resulting in uncompromised Quality! This can NOT be achieved without the co-operation of our Teams who work 24 hours a day, relentlessly & fully committed to our clients!


The BIM Group’s unique offering is total transparency of costs, with the highest quality of work, through teamwork with their clientele and the needs and challenges they face.

It was determined that outsourcing was the best option; not to save money, but solely to increase capacity, thus changing the dynamics of our model from the traditional outsourcing to an In Sourcing model.

Mission Statement

Through revolutionary design and innovative leadership, using advanced technologies going beyond any geographical boundaries, offering truly global services and optimised business solutions to become the world’s leading business service provider.

Executive Leadership