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Case Study - Architectural Estimation

case study

Background - The Client


  • A company based in Western Canada, primarily focusing on roofing estimations using 3D aerial photogrammetry software.
  • Wanted to offshore its architectural estimation work in order to concentrate on its local onsite surveying and installation services.
  • Required cost effective resources along with a project management system.
  • Needed the ability to effectively handle any fluctuation in the volume of work given the seasonal dependency of the type of work involved.

We faced numerous challenges in trying to come up with the most effective solution for the client.
Some of the challenges we faced were, they being a new client and in an industry we had not been directly involved in, we had to;

  • Exhibit our engineering experience, so as to convince the client that we could deliver accurate design estimationsin a short time span.
  • To prove that we had a thorough understanding of the client's expectations, given that we already have a proven track record working with architectural programs such as Autocad.

We undertook several steps to meet the challenges posed by this project, some being:

  • Engaging the dedicated resources, a team of two to begin with.
  • Understanding building design with the help of satellite software.
  • Drawing accurate estimation.
  • Ensuring quality control checks as part of each process.
  • Ensuring that each task was personally checked by the CAD manager as part of the final Quality Control process.
  • Using AutoCAD, Satellite software package

Our consistency further assured the client’s satisfactionthrough our quality and timely deliverables which resulted in:

  • Transparent cost saving:
    All costs associated with the operation are fully transparent - A very considerable cost saving was achieved!
  • Turnaround time:
    - Rather than paying an hourly wage and receiving variable hours of availability, our client was able to have complete control over the employees working for them just like they would have been in their own office.
    - We ensured that the estimations’ were completed and delivered before the clients working day had begun, given the time-zone advantage.
  • Quality work:
    We ensured that the design estimations’ were accurately delivered.
  • Client satisfaction
    Our efforts were highly appreciated by our client; mainly for our commitment & professionalism.

Client Benefits

  • We provided a solution through which the client could have full control over its dedicated resources.
  • The client had full flexibility on task allocations, priority jobs and choice of equipment used.
  • The client could request shift timings that worked for them.